While the core of our business centres around processing and packaging our own fruit, we have extra capacity and welcome inquiries on custom work.

Custom Juicing and Fruit Processing

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to efficiently and hygienically process your fruit or berries into juice or puree.  This in turn is provided to you either in a raw state (for further processing) or pasteurized and packaged ready for storage or sale.

Custom Packing

We have the experience and expertise to custom process small amounts of cherries to a very high standard.  This includes hydro-cooling, grading/sizing, and packaging.  All work is hands-on and no mechanical sorting or sizing equipment is used.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Coolers at Jobst-Hof are large and well insulated to provide reliable storage temperatures.  Our capacity varies throughout the season so call ahead for bookings and availability forecasts.