We are looking for help every season…


There are a few things you should know before applying to join our crew.

Each year we require help to harvest approximately 7 acres of cherries starting around the first week of July and finishing about 4 weeks later. Depending on the crop, we require the help of 4 – 6 pickers .  You will need a tent, sleeping bag, and suitable clothing and footwear to safely traverse the orchards. There is a beautiful freshwater lake located less than a five minute walk from the home orchard. The camp has a shower, flush toilet, fridges, microwave, sinks, safe drinking water, and cook stoves/BBQ’s.

Our crew is generally made up of international travellers (mostly university students or professionals). If you are hired as a picker or packinghouse worker you will be expected to stay the entire season.  Cherry season is hard physical work…. please keep it in mind if you accept this job.  It is also very hot here with daytime temperature often reaching 35 degrees Celsius. The nearest shopping center is located about 10 km from our farm, conveniently reached by way of the local city bus.

Feel free to call and/or email with questions or check out the rest of the website.

If hired on, we hope you enjoy your time with us. We charge a nominal daily fee which covers the cost of the utilities that you will consume.

Please help keep the camp clean. Your mother is not here.

No dogs allowed.


Hard drugs of any description are not allowed on the property. No drinking or pot smoking during your work day including lunch time.

Having fun while working isn't uncommon at Jobst Hof Orchards


Previous experience is an asset but not required.  A good attitude is more important and we will provide training on how to pick properly and how to safely use an orchard ladder.

Cherry pickers are paid by piecework and start at around 5 AM working until near noon or until the temperature gets too hot and the cherries cannot be picked without damaging them.

Minimum wage in B.C. is 22.4 cents per pound.

Seasonal workers are not paid overtime or vacation pay.

Advances available weekly. Payout by cheque after harvest is finished, SIN required.

Sort Cherries at Jobst Hof Orchards

Sorting / Packing

Previous experience is not required.  You must have a good attention span and be able to concentrate.  If you are subject to vertigo, you had better stay away from the sorting line.


Packinghouse workers start at 6 am and rarely work less than eight hours and sometimes ten. If we pick, we pack till what we picked is packed. Paid rest periods for hourly workers are 15 minutes every two hours taken on site. Half-hour lunch breaks are unpaid.

Minimum wage in B.C. is $10.25 per hour.

Seasonal workers are not paid overtime or vacation pay.

Advances available weekly. Payout by cheque after harvest is finished, SIN required.

Get started with us today!

We are still hiring for the 2015 season.  We look forward to receiving your resume/CV.

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