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Premium Juice from Jobst-Hof Orchards in the Okanagan Valley

Jobst-Hof’s Pure Pasteurized Juices combine high quality tree-ripened fruit, carefully grown on a small orchard in Oyama, with a modern juicing process. This combination results in a juice that is rich in flavour and nutrients – perfect for consumption by your family.

We are always looking to add new ‘flavours’ to our line-up so watch out for our next addition.  It could be sour cherry, pear, grape, or ……….


Why Schwing?

Not meant to be a take-off from Wayne’s World.  The sealing mechanism is called a swing closure.  In german, whenever ‘s’ and ‘h’ appear together at the beginning of a word, there must be a ‘c’ between them, hence SCHWING!

Pure Apple Juice

Jobst-Hof’s Pure Pasteurized Apple Juice is refreshing as a cold drink in the summer or as a hot apple cider in the colder months. Jobst-Hof Pure Juice is always delicious.

The McIntosh, Spartan and Granny Smith apples used are from an historic planting, among the first trees to be established in the area in the 1930’s.

Jobst-Hof Apple & Cherry Juice

Pure Apple & Cherry Juice

While it may sound like an unusual combination, it sure tastes good!  Why not give it a try?

Pure Black Cherry Juice

I used to call this ‘red cherry juice’ but the good folks at the Canada Food Inspection Agency told us that it had to be called ‘black’ so here we are!

The juice, whatever you call it, is fantastic and tremendously popular.  Our process preserves the truly cherry flavour of the fruit from which it is made.  There are many health benefits which a quick internet search will show you.

Where can you get Jobst Hof Juices?

Jobst Hof Large Black Cherry JuicePure Black Cherry Juice

If you like this juice in the 500 ml SCHWING, why not try the 946 ml bottle as a more economical package size.

Jobst Hof Apple Juice in a BoxPasteurized Apple Juice

The Pasteurized Apple Juice is processed at the orchard using state-of-the-art technology. The apples are crushed, pressed to extract the juice, and then flash-pasteurized.

Each 5 liter box contains the equivalent of 20 pounds of fresh apples.

Bag-in-Box Technology

  • an intelligent packaging solution for liquids
  • both bag and box are recyclable using current methods (please separate before putting into blue box)
  • stores more compactly and efficiently than bottles or cans
  • lower energy inputs to manufacture, transport and recycle, than bottles or cans

Exceptional Storability

Unopened, the juice has a shelf-life of at least one year. Once you remove the safety seal and begin to enjoy the contents, Bag-in-Box juice will last on the counter, unrefrigerated, for up to 2 months. Refrigerate if you like for a cool drink during the summer months.

Unlike bottles, no air enters the bag when the juice is poured so the potential contaminants found in the air around us are eliminated; hence, no refrigeration required!


The child friendly spout is easy to use and is ideal for home, office, school, sporting events, camping, or family road-trips.